Display Homes – Virtually a thing of the past?


Display Homes – Virtually a thing of the past?

Smartphone Augmented Reality Platform to shake up Housing

A new Phone App that enables prospective home-buyers to literally walk through virtual display homes has been launched today, by an Australian Tech Startup, Third Aurora.

With the free App, Displai, anyone with a mobile phone can setup and walk through a virtual display home, at any time, in any location.

Displai – a product of Australian startup Third Aurora.

It’s simple. All you need is a phone and a flat bit of ground.

Dave Chaffey, MD Third Aurora

Displai – Key Points

  • The App is free and works with all recent phones.
  • It is simple to use – point to a spot, then press a button.
  • Unlike virtual reality:
    • No special equipment is needed, and
    • There is no need to visit a VR office to view a home
  • The App presents display homes using virtual reality technology – homes are life size, and can be nudged along by the user, as well as rotated.
  • The virtual homes are the same architecturally designed 3D models that are regularly used in home design.

According to Dave Chaffey, Managing Director of Third Aurora, simplifying technology has been a goal of their team. “We think it’s time to do away with the bulky virtual reality headsets. A phone and a flat bit of ground is all that you’ll need from now on.”  

“We’re really excited. The technology opens up a lot of opportunity” said Mr Chaffey.

“Gone are the days where builders need to have a physical display in every estate, they can now showcase their portfolio of design options to potential clients through our app.”

“Think of the home buyers – it’s a fantastic new experience, it’s convenient, and it gives them a chance to look at a lot more homes before making purchase decisions.”

“Consumers can literally walk through a multitude of virtual display homes from different builders, on their own block”, said Chaffey. “They can see what they will see out the windows and know how many steps it is from the bedroom to the bathroom.”

“In this day and age where almost everyone has a handheld device within reach, this app makes augmented reality accessible to everyone.”

“And home builders are just as eager as to adopt the technology”, said Chaffey. “There’s a feeling in the industry that those companies that introduce the technology early, might see a real upswing. Particularly volume builders, and builders looking to grow into new territories.”

“A world of augmented reality is around the corner and this technology puts builders at the forefront.”

“Embracing futuristic technology no longer requires expensive hardware or clunky devices to experience augmented reality. All you need is your mobile phone.”

  • The Smartphone App Displai is available on Google and iOS.