Augmented Reality 2019. Aussie startup, Third Aurora one to watch.

January 20, 2019 – Third Aurora, which promises rapid adoption of Smartphone AR, today announced it will seek $1.8 million in Pre-Series A funding, making a bold move to capture early market share in the lucrative augmented reality market.

Augmented Reality as a security solution. Luke Chaffey, Third Aurora

The Aussie startup is believed to have held preliminary talks with a handful of Sydney investors in late December, with no announcements since.

The company intends to use funds to move rapidly into the market. According to Dave Chaffey, Managing Director, “We’re creating solutions for specific situations. Nothing grand or complex. Simply delivering value in a commercial context.”

So, what is Third Aurora? It might be many things, but from what we’ve read it looks like a power-play by a new market entrant. A big move rapidly into market about to break open.

Although Chaffey is giving nothing away, it’s a believable scenario. It certainly fits with the company website but underplays the “robust platform, purpose built for scale.”

Power move into the AR market

So, what exactly is Third Aurora?

Straight up, it’s a Platform – built with a turn key approach but without a a market defined. By connecting a website to the Cloud and on a to a smartphone App it is an ideal vehicle to claim market share.

If that is the plan, then it’s a bold move.  But, with Smartphone Augmented Reality about to break into the mainstream, it might be the killer parry to capture the flag.