Augmented Reality Beverage Packaging

Request an Invite: Augmented Reality Platform Early Access

First Look & Priority Access

Request an invite to the early access program, and be amongst the first in the world to connect with your customers straight from your packaging.

The early access program is currently open to wholesale and retail beverage producers, with full-time, commercial operations.

Key Inclusions:

  • Early release review of the platform
  • Live try of AR from your label**
  • Early access to full product trials
  • Early-bird lock-in pricing

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Other enquiries

If you are:

  • a wine producer, you don’t have to wait. Start immediately, by visiting Winerytale our dedicated augmented reality platform for the wine industry. Check it out here


  • a hobbyist, or part-time beverage producer, please bear with us – we can’t accommodate you now, but we’ll be re-looking at the situation mid-2021
  • an entrepreneur, interested in utilising or adapting this technology for another industry or situation, drop us a line through the contact form, with as much detail as you can, and if it adds up, we’ll start a conversation