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What’s the Third Aurora story?

We’re a group of hard-working, tech innovators, with eyes keenly focused on the future. We work in most of the bleeding edge technologies:

  • augmented reality
  • machine learning
  • cloud data
  • web & mobile apps
  • blockchain
  • artificial intelligence

A deliberate approach

We focus on solutions for large problems, or new concepts with wide appeal.  Then we start conceptualising – customer first, then working back through to the technology.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Winerytale – augmented reality wine platform
  • Chaffeycoin – A ratified blockchain cryptocurrency
  • Displai Homes – Walkthrough virtual homes
  • Self-translating labels – proof of concept
  • Swigr – augmented reality alcohol platform

Like to talk to someone? Or need more information?

If you’re a journalist, media professional, or content producer, and you need more than what’s here, drop us a line.

Your message will quickly reach Dave Chaffey, who’s one of our co-founders.  Dave’s friendly, full of information, and (usually) replies promptly.

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