What is it?

For this project we set out to a way to create a hologram, like seen in Star Wars with Princess Leia. The app takes an initial green screen video, allows a user to place it down on a surface. The in real-time, the app cuts out the green within the footage and adds some holographic effects to the video.


Why we built it

Currently augmented reality face filters through providers like Instagram are taking off and driving large, augmented reality adoption. We wanted to find an alternative solution, that still takes full advantage of augmented reality and the mass adoption.


What are the possible applications?

This project allowed us to understand the power we have with video within our app engine. We could see this to drive a lot of explainer style videos in situation, for example, scanning a printer to understand how to set it up, and having a hologram walk you through each individual step.

What is its status?

This project was built as a prototype and is currently shelved from future development, however it’s underlying technology to clear the greenscreen is actively being utilised in other projects.