What is it?

For this project we set out to build a virtual assistant that can be visualised in an augmented reality experience.

The app lets you have a conversation with a virtual character, similar to a chatbot. Along with this, it’s able to provide useful related visuals including loading videos, loading maps and playing animations.


Why we built it

The usage of chatbots has increased on the past years, however at this point a primarily focused on text-based chats. We wanted to improve the self-serve system by providing an alternative, more engaging approach to chatbots.


What are the possible applications?

Extending assistant technology to a new visual experience allows it to be utilised in ways previously thought not possible. We see the ability to hand-hold through an interaction, and provide visual & audible instructions to be useful in many fields.

What is its status?

The project was built as a prototype and is currently shelved. We intend to utilise this core technology to improve future projects.