What is it?

Ethereum is a technology that's home to digital money, global payments, and applications. Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin, however it was specifically designed to be built on top of, and for this project we set out to develop an Ethereum blockchain crypto token.


Why we built it

With the spike of interest in cryptocurrency in 2018, we wanted to explore what opportunities were available in the space. One avenue was the option to have a crypto token utilising the Ethereum blockchain.


What are the possible applications?

Blockchain technology has many use cases, particularly surrounding areas where the history of an item should be kept as public record. By developing our own token, we could now power our own system for keeping track of digital items. This is of particular interest to us because we do a lot of work in video games engines. Now we could potentially have a real in-app currency system for our augmented reality experiences.

What is its status?

The ChaffeyCoins project was built and ratified on the Ethereum blockchain as a prototype and is currently not being actively pursued or traded.