What is it?

We developed a piece of software that would automatically generate a certain number of blogs each day that were written for a service in various locations. The software allows a user to define the structure of the blog (ie. heading followed by paragraph etc.), content for each piece of structure, and within each piece of content dynamic values can be dropped in.

All of this together automatically developed pieces of human readable content for the purposes of SEO.


Why we built it

In 2015 the field of SEO had many unknown avenues, and one of those areas was local based searches. Whilst we were slightly ahead of our time here, we utilised the piece of software to achieve amazing results through Google search for numerous websites and their respective services.


What are the possible applications?

While it wouldn’t have a place in today’s SEO field, its primary usage was for local business to business companies, acting as an extension to their pre-existing website.

What is its status?

The project was built and utilised commercially. With changes in SEO tactics over the years, this has since been shut down.