What is it?

Whilst bulk personalised emails are quite standard these days. Back in 2016, to bulk personalise an email typically just meant adding their name to the email. We wanted to take this to another level. We took our list of customers, screenshots of their website, and brought them into marketing smart objects. These were all stored online & incorporated into an email, leading to a personalised landing page with their information.


Why we built it

Whilst it’s known that utilising personalisation in emails can improve the read & click through rates, we wanted to test the limits of driving click through rates. We did this by putting forward a visual that’s personal to them, but still done in bulk.


What are the possible applications?

Bulk personalisation can be utilised in many different areas. Whilst we utilised this for web marketing, it has applications in just about any area where public information is accessible for the end customer.

What is its status?

The project was built and deployed for a marketing campaign in 2016 and hasn’t been acted upon further.