What is it?

Donating to charity comes in many forms, and we built a way to utilise the power of computers to mine cryptocurrencies for donation. We built a website where a user could click, “Start,” and it would begin to mine cryptocurrencies. This was all mined into a single wallet, that would be distributed to charity.


Why we built it

When it comes to charity, many are happy to give back, but in different ways. We set out to provide a new way to donate to charity, through the power of your computer, allowing for a much simpler way to give back. Simply click start and let is run in the background.


What are the possible applications?

Whilst this approach was utilised on our own website, there isn’t anything stopping other charities or entities from doing the same. There’s been examples of this in games, where cryptocurrency is mined into a single wallet while you play.

What is its status? was built & active. However, for various reasons, it has since been halted.