What is it?

For this project we set out to build an app that allows a user to take a photo of any object. With this object the user has the option to draw on it or create animations. The app includes standard elements like mouths and eyes and offers the ability to sync the mouth movements with a user microphone input.

This was made as a tool to extend content creation, allowing users to record videos and act out interactions with their objects in a live setting, powered by augmented reality.


Why we built it

User content creation is one of the most used cases for augmented reality at this point, so we wanted to find a way to offer this, but with an alternative approach to all the others.

Whilst typically augmented reality has been utilised for tracking users faces or bodies, we instead opted to focus on everyday objects, allowing users to record content anonymously.


What are the possible applications?

This project was developed to help understand the limitations behind generating augmented content at runtime. With the knowledge gained from this, we’re able to understand how we can take different retail products & provide a fun and interactive experience to their users.

What is its status?

This project is currently live on the iOS & Android app stores, however future development is not planned. The app gained notoriety in the subreddit, r/RealLifeDoodles, which is dedicated to animating real life objects. CreatorCam allowed them to create animations with a similar look and feel, in a matter of minutes opposed to hours.