What is it?

For this project we set out to make an app that gave users a real-life cloak of Invisibility like in the wildly popular Harry Potter movies.

Users place the phone in front of them and click the screen to take a photo of the background. Then they can walk into the frame with a green screen cloth, and in real-time, any green within camera view will get replaced with the background photo.

When a user covers themselves with the green screen the app gives the effect that they are invisible!


Why we built it

When we built this, the primary use of greenscreens were in post rendering with video editing software on desktop computers. So, we wanted to find a way to do this in real-time & on a mobile device, whilst still providing a quick frame rate.


What are the possible applications?

With real-time background removal with pixel level accuracy via a mobile device opens up doorways to realms not thought possible previously. We see this being usable in different technologies to enhance their product, along with using the greenscreen to create training content in real-time, avoiding the need for video editing.

What is its status?

The project was built as a prototype and is currently shelved. We intend to utilise the core shader technology to improve future projects.