The Short Pitch
A platform for large scale adoption of commercial Smartphone Augmented Reality, and capture of niche-specific marketshare. Delivering simple, situational AR solutions, from a robust platform, purpose-built for scale.


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AI powered object identification


Dynamic content delivered in moment


API, public and private data connections

A new industry is awakening

Early to market matters. Forecasters agree 70+% growth.


So,Third Aurora? It’s a power-play technology to rapidly rollout Smartphone AR. Technically, it’s a platform. That creates platforms, that deliver specific Smartphone AR solutions. In addition, it’s also the mainstay that operates and manages things under the hood.

New technology, with all the heavy lifting done – we think of it as the entrepreneurs dream, you know it as Platform as a Service (PAAS). We’re raising to move fast, and we’ll be looking for strategic partners to rollout platforms. Forecast 71.6% compound annual growth over entire New Reality Sector IDC March 2018.

A video snapshot

A rough cut from the team – AR it’s application, and some great use cases

The Model

Funded subsidiaries, licensed usage, and skin in the game.

The business model is fundamentally set around set around three key principals, each of which will help to gain a position in the burgeoning market. These are 1. deliver only simple solutions 2. Accessible service – requiring minimal skills 3. lower pricing to market.  . 

Market Strategy

  • Subsidiary companies are the vehicles to market, each with charge over one specific platform.
  • Third Aurora system is licensed to subsidiary companies, and fee arrangement is set as a percentage of revenue.
  • In the absence of competitors with capability to scale, subsidiaries will raise capital to fund aggressive global rollouts.
  • With proof of concept across more than one niche, Third Aurora will raise again. Subsidiaries may also raise capital.

Tech Capabilities

Any Smartphone
Our app works on all Smartphones, any time a network is available.
Realtime Info
Check the weather, time or other useful services in real time.
Web Dashboard
Enter and edit details on the spot.
Strong Encryption
Sign in with MFA, fingerprint or Face ID to access your personal wallet.
API Connectivity
Hook up to work databases for highly accessible info.
Support System
Online Automated Help Desk
Roadmap 2018 / 2019

The Steps to 2020

App Highlights

 Product Strategy & Marketing Plan

Simple operation

A simple-to-use product which any member of the team can use to access company or business data. 

Useful information

Keeps pertinent data for only the highlighted product or service required, eliminating junk overload. 

No barriers

All Smartphone operators can download the app. No need for investment in expensive tech. 

Dominate Online 

Be highly visible in all search options to target audiences, including social media. 

Be Remarkable

A cutting-edge product which stands out (quite literally) from other sales or service presentations. 

Viral with Technology

Disruptive technology to shape trends and markets – everyone will want a piece of the action. 

Thought Leadership

Be at the forefront of manufacturing and service industries, by embracing the pinnacle of creative tech. 

Our Core Team

Dave Chaffey
Digital Strategist
Luke Chaffey
Technical Lead


Industry collaboration, deep connection


Hold tight. Enquiries welcome from 29.01.2019.