Making Technology Accessible

A few things matter to us. New technology is one, sure.

The second is creating outcomes with purpose and meaning.

Don’t get us wrong, we love bells and whistles as much as anyone. But we think technology should be the tool for the everyman, which means creating solutions that are purposeful, affordable, and accessible.

Purposeful Collaboration

Most of our work involves innovation – understanding new technology, then figuring out applications for real-world scenarios that make a significant difference.

One thing we’ve learnt along the way – big challenges can’t be solved alone. Not at the bleeding edge anyway, where technology is move forward at a faster pace than we’ve ever witnessed – which is why collaboration has become a big part of how we work.

Founding Partner

Luke Chaffey

Luke is an experienced coder who leads web and cloud-based development, overseeing platform operation.

Luke Chaffey is an experienced coder who leads the web and cloud-based software development. Luke’s proven track record of flawless software development includes enterprise App development as well as creation of his own ratified cryptocurrency.

Luke’s knowledge also extends into Digital Marketing. Up until 2019, as the resident Digital Expert for Kochie’s Business Builders, a business-based website and TV show, Luke has written more than 300 articles, and been involved in many talks.

Previously, Luke’s talents were honed at KBB Digital, where he was a partner.

Luke is resourceful, entrepreneurial, and brings operational stability to the team.

Founding Partner

Matthew Hallberg

Matthew is a software developer who specializes in Augmented Reality, Vision Recognition, and App Development.

Matthew Hallberg is a software developer who specializes in Augmented Reality, Vision Recognition, and App Development.

He is widely regarded as an industry expert, with his popular YouTube Channel followed by 40,000 up and coming software developers, and recently acknowledged as #3 in the top 50 Augmented Reality channels to follow.

Matt is resourceful, self-motivated, and brings technical expertise to the team.

Founding Partner

Dave Chaffey

Dave is a serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing strategist, and a professional business speaker.

Dave Chaffey is a successful entrepreneur, with a passion for new technology, and 25 years of business experience under his belt.

He is widely regarded as an expert in the field of Digital Marketing Strategy and is passionate about his pet field of Go-To-market Strategy. His other areas of interest are marketing personalization and automation.

In addition, he is a professional speaker, and an author. Previously, Dave was Managing Director of KBB Digital, a digital marketing agency that he walked away from to follow this opportunity.

Dave is strategic, resourceful, and capable. He brings strategic direction to the team.

The teams that will change the world in the next ten years will share great insight – they’ll be talented, connected and focused.

They’ll deliver solutions that the world doesn’t realise it wants, then instantly, doesn’t know how it ever got by without.

Creating outcomes that impact positively, significantly, globally.

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Launching Soon: AR Beverage Industry

Our proven AR platform, will launch to a global beverages market in early 2021, offering producers a a powerful, affordable way to engage customers right from their packaging.

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