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Placed right at the bleeding edge of innovation


Working purposefully to deliver meaningful outcomes

A High Calibre Team

creating purposeful, accessible innovation


A few things matter to us. New technology is one, sure. The second is creating outcomes with purpose and meaning. Don’t get us wrong, we love bells and whistles as much as anyone. But we think technology should be the tool for the everyman, which means creating solutions that are purposeful, affordable, and accessible.

Most of our work involves innovation – understanding new technology, then figuring out applications for real-world scenarios that make a significant difference. One thing we’ve learnt along the way – big challenges can’t be solved alone – at the very edge, there’s a lot of unknowns – which is why collaboration has become a big part of how we work.

Tech solutions that impact


Our Outlook

Sometimes when opportunity knocks, it knocks very softly

The teams that will change the world in the next ten years will share great insight – they’ll be talented, connected and focused. They’ll deliver solutions that the world doesn’t realise it wants, then instantly, doesn’t know how it ever got by without. That’s our take on things, and that’s the philosophy driving Third Aurora.

Our Approach

  • Creating platform-oriented solutions, enabling widespread use, simply, easily, and affordably
  • Pushing boundaries, combining multiple cutting edge technologies, to deliver true innovation
  • Focusing on purpose, delivering meaningful outcomes, often industry or situation-specific
  • Built with robustness in mind, and with an acute awareness of adaption, change and scale

Our Skillsets

Augmented Reality
Real solutions delivered in virtual space
Web Development
Delivering technology through familiar web platforms
Cloud Technology
Accessing almost any data through secure cloud
Artificial Intelligence
Harnessing neural networks to simplify complex tasks
Delivering transparency through distributed data
Smartphone Apps
Accessible technology across all devices
Roadmap 2020

The Steps to 2021

The Key People

Dave Chaffey
Digital Strategist

Dave Chaffey is a digital marketing guru, a serial entrepreneur, TV presenter, author, and professional speaker – Dave brings capability, versatility, and strategy.

Luke Chaffey
Technical Lead

Luke Chaffey is a coding superstar, entrepreneur and technology specialist (as well as a cryptocurrency creator). In between times, Luke is part of the expert team at Kochie’s Business Builders.

Matthew Hallberg
Unity Lead

Matthew Hallberg is a software developer who specializes in Augmented Reality. He is widely regarded as an industry expert – with forty thousand up-and-coming developers subscribed to his YouTube channel.

Pamela Dorward
Operations Manager

Pamela is a dynamic and motivated Operations Manager with 20+ years’ experience, with a passion for creating a community and education culture for small business.